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For the times when it is not all right


Sexual activity is one of the few enjoyments of life that can affect our psychological and physical health when something is not working. But it’s not only about us, since our problems with erection, called Erection dysfunction syndrome (ED), can affect also our relationship with our partner. A healthy relationship is a relationship where there is a healthy approach to sex. The expectations of both partners are met on a common ground of bed. But once something stops working in bed, something else will stop working in the relationship itself. There might be couples that don’t need sex to fully enjoy each other but the majority of us needs to have our basic needs fulfilled.

ED from history to now

Impotency has been with mankind for thousands of years and those who suffered with ED syndrome in the past didn’t have as many possibilities as we have now. We now know that it is not the „end“ and that there are many things we can do and people to consult on how to improve erection or deal with the premature ejaculation that is just as serious as not having an erection.